Whether it’s your home or business that’s on the move, the last thing you want to do is go through all the excitement of finding the perfect place and signing never ending paperwork, to find that your furniture has become damaged and your new walls have been scuffed on your moving day, while you’ve barely had time to put the kettle on.

Unless you’re big on minimalism or your property is very small, it’s worth hiring a professional removals company to help you. It will not only save you a lot of back ache from carrying all the boxes, it will also save you time, so that you can get to unpacking and settling in.

So how do you choose a removals company? Here are our top tips:

1) Work out what’s important to you

Is your bookcase full of first editions or is your pride and joy the first desk you ever worked on when you set up your business? Taking a moment to work out what concerns you the most about moving or what you hope to happen will help you to narrow down the best people to handle what’s important to you.

2) Take inventory

Have you been up in your loft lately? Do you know exactly what’s in your garage? Take stock of everything so you know exactly what you’ll be taking with you and exactly what you need from your removal company.

3) Get at least three quotes

Chances are prices may have changed a bit since the last time you moved, so it’s worth finding out who can do what and for how much. Once you have your inventory and specific needs together, it’s time to get calling.

If you live somewhere where access is a bit difficult – with tight stairways or uneven roads – it’s worth asking if the removals company will visit to give you a quote, rather than do it all over the phone. This will also help them to give you a more realistic estimate on the length of time it should take, and it’s a good opportunity for you to see if you feel comfortable with them handling your possessions.

4) Check out their reviews

Whether it’s Facebook or phoning a friend, it’s always good to have a bit of advice from someone with some experience of using a company. Obviously not everyone is going to feel the same, but reviews usually give you a good indication of how a company works and treats people.

5) Ask about insurance

Your contents insurance won’t cover your possessions while they’re on the move, so should anything happen, it’s best to know up front whether you need to add it to your personal insurance or whether your potential removal company has any insurance options.

6) Ask what happens if there’s a delay

If you’re buying a property you may find your completion date is better written in pencil on the calendar for a bit, as paperwork keeps changing hands. While you may feel confident that you are moving on a certain day right now, sometimes things happen, so it’s worth finding out in advance whether your potential removal company has a delays policy so that you can factor that in too.

If you’re on the move and would like to talk through your requirements or get some more advice, please get in touch.



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