You have found your new home, the funds are in place and now you’re waiting for ‘moving day’, so why do I feel so stressed?


Stress and anxiety can take a hold of us during various stages or events throughout our lives, it is primarily associated with change, whether this be; a divorce, a new baby, a bereavement or indeed moving home.

The human body is not always able to cope with change or fear of the unknown, in return, it can send you into ‘a meltdown’, this can make things seem considerably worse and more difficult for you to cope with the simplest of tasks.

There are a few things that you can do to make moving home a positive experience and actually enjoy the process, rather than dreading it.


How much time do you have?

TIME – that thing that we either, never have enough of or we are wishing it away, ultimately it is out of our control. Moving can be a prolonged experience where a plan can be put into place but can then change several times. On the other hand, a move can creep up on you forcing you to think and act quickly. Either way, having a plan/To do list is essential – this can be divided into days/weeks, giving you a clearer picture of what needs to be done when. If you are really up against time, there are professionals that can help you.


What is your packing plan?

Are you going to pack yourself?
How much stuff do you have to move – are you downsizing or inheriting more space? Do you have furniture or are you moving from furnished accommodation or your parents house? Think about what resources you will need for packing i.e. different sized boxes (clearly marked with what is in them), back bags, bubble wrap, wrapping paper etc. Do you have friends or family that can ‘give you a hand’? Lots of things to think about! Did you know that we can eliminate this stress with our professional packer teams, ready to take care of this for you?

Do you need a removal company?
If so, are they trustworthy and what is included in their quote?   – What level of customer service are they giving you? Are they offering competitive rate and how many years’ experience do they have? Do they have a contingency plan should anything go wrong? Here at FFG, we are asked these, every day and our customers are always satisfied with our removals service.


Whether you have time on your side or not, the decluttering exercise is extremely beneficial, it will leave you feeling free from ‘clutter’ and organised. When carrying out this process, start in an area or room that is not in constant use then ask decide what you are going to do with your belongings;

  • Keep and use
  • Keep and store
  • Sell or Give away
  • Dispose

If time is pressing, don’t panic, ask friends/family for help, contact declutter professionals or consider storing your belongings until you have the time to go through them properly.


Me Time

Remember to take regular breaks, have a cup of tea or maybe listen to a bit of relaxing music on your own away from the chaos. Let people know you are going for a walk or taking 5 minutes to read a magazine, meditate or anything you would like to do just to chill out. Gather your thoughts then return to the task in hand when you feel de-stressed.


Emergency Supplies

Ensure you have your essentials handy, in boxes clearly marked so they are kept accessible.

These may include:

  • Bedtime clothes
  • Clothes for the following day
  • Toiletries
  • Bedding and towels
  • Kettle
  • Cutlery and a few items of crockery (and maybe a bottle opener)
  • Basic food items
  • Phone/ipad chargers
  • Tea and coffee
  • The children’s favourite toys
  • Don’t forget to find out where the fuse box and stop cock are – having electric and water may be essential!

This will save you rummaging through a mountain of boxes and searching the house with torches when you reach your new home, whilst listening to the children screaming that they can’t sleep without Ted Ted! – (read our moving with kids blog more extra tips!)



Don’t feel embarrassed to ask for help when moving, after all, that’s what family and friends are for. Make the process fun – crank the music up, create a ‘moving party’ atmosphere, after all this is the beginning of a new era/chapter in your life. Make a list of the jobs that need to be done then delegate them, be assertive (they may call you bossy), but, more hands make light work and less pressure on you! Order and share a take away once the moving is over to celebrate your stress free move.

Don’t forget, professionals are available to organise and carry out the whole move for you – contact us today for a competitive price!

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