Having a baby can turn your whole world upside down and indeed your home, have you ever asked yourself the question ‘how much stuff does one little person need and how can they change our lives so much?’

Well, you are not alone I think all parents have asked themselves that very question at some point. To be honest, babies often have more belongings than most adults, a trip to the beach can feel like a small house move alone! So, when it comes to actually moving house you wonder where to begin! Statistics show that moving house and having a baby are two of the most stressful and life changing experiences you will encounter in your life, so putting these together could prove to be a logistical nightmare, but do not fear we are here to help.

Fast Forward group removals (http://www.fast-forward-group.co.uk/) have been helping families move home for over 35 years, we understand and anticipate some of the challenges that you might face. We have put together a list of tips below to ensure your move goes smooth as possible:

  • Being organised is key to a productive and positive move. Make sure that the baby’s things are packed separately and the boxes are clearly labelled. Keep the essential things the baby will need during the move or as soon as you arrive the new house accessible (maybe putting them in a different vehicle or at the front of the removal van would be useful). If you are strapped for time or things are chaotic you could consider using one of our fantastic Packing Services.
  • Babies and children do adapt to new surroundings quite quickly, however, it will feel less disruptive if the baby is familiar with some of his/her belongings on the day of the move. Keeping the baby’s environment as ‘normal’ and calm as possible will encourage the baby to remain relaxed and adapt their new setting quicker, organising their room or sleeping area will encourage this.
  • Except or ask for help! That may sound a strange thing to say but some people find it hard to ask others for help or indeed except any when offered. Family and friends like to lend a hand. Take advantage of their generosity, even if they offer to babysit while you crack on with the packing.
  • Plenty of good quality packing materials will save you time searching for boxes (which isn’t easy with a baby), strong boxes mean that you only pack a box the once and having flat packed boxes take up less space. Here at Fast Forward Group we offer a large range of packing materials, including various sized boxes, wardrobe cartons, heavy duty tape, bubble wrap and much more. We have a delivery service and can collect any unused boxes without a charge. Read more about our full range Packing Materials here and our Packing Services here.
  • Moving to a new area with your new addition may feel quite daunting and sometimes isolating. Finding out where your nearest baby and toddler groups and Children’s centres and attending sessions with your baby will help you and your baby make new friends, helping you all settle in to your new area.

Your GP surgery usually has details of local groups and your Children’s Centre information.

If you would like some tips on moving house with children, please click here.

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