There may come a time when your premises are just not suitable anymore and you are thinking about relocating your office or business to a new location.

Exciting as this sounds, you need to considering how this is going to happen. This can be a massive task and take time (and time is money!).

So how are you going to move your business without causing yourself unnecessary stress and prevent causing any interruptions to your business?

Where do you start? Well, don’t worry, we are here to help and offer you some tips so your business move runs smoothly.

Find a suitable Premises

Searching for your new location can be an exciting prospect, however, can prove challenging too. When looking for a new business space you need to consider:

Space – Is the area big enough to house the office furniture, staff and scope for your business growth – creating a floorplan prior to the move will give you a good idea.

Distance from the present location – consider your staff travel time either driving or commuting via public transport.

Accommodating the employees – is there sufficient parking spaces, a suitable ‘breakout area’, suitable toilets and kitchen facilities etc.

Costs – The overheads need to be taken into consideration as well as the rent and any additional expenses such as decorating/building works that would need to be done.

Sufficient Notice

Give yourself and your staff enough time to get organised ensuring the move can be carried out with disrupting productivity. Be honest with your staff, discuss the move with them at the earliest opportunity, inform them of the reasons for the move, where you are moving and listen to their feedback. This will prevent rumours starting and asking for their input will keep them motivated and prepare for the move.

Inform your clients and customers of the changes too, they will appreciate your honesty and them time to prepare. Make sure you update any marketing material or adverts with the change of address and telephone numbers etc. This will ensure your business can continue to operate smoothly during the transition of premises.

Plan the move

Having a plan and timescales is crucial to a positive move. Delegate tasks to others and have a ‘Moving business checklist’ so you don’t forget anything. Be prepared to check off the completed tasks and be prepared for any unforeseen challenges that may arise. Allow yourself enough time to deal with them. If you decide to carry out the move yourself, make sure you have the correct packing materials. Heavy duty boxes and sturdy stackable crates are a must! We offer a variety of industrial packing materials at affordable prices, please click below to view our full range of packing materials

If you would prefer to let a someone else take the pressure off you and take care of everything, we can help. Here at Fast Forward group, we have been helping businesses move for over 35 years and have thousands of satisfied customers. If you would like to know more about the range of services we offer please click here

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