Whether it’s an office or a home, we have been helping people to move for over forty years and have picked up some great tips along the way. Here are our top 10 packing hacks so you can make the whole process easier for you on the day, and in the long run.


1. Use your clothes wisely

When packing up your kitchen, there’s no need to spend lots of extra money on bubble wrap – your t-shirt drawer can provide all the protection your plates and cups need, and your socks are ideal to wrap your glasses in.


2. Colour code your boxes

Through adding a stripe of different colour tape to your boxes, you can ensure that it’s easy to tell from a distance which box belongs where, making the whole process quicker. Of course, this only works if you’ve assigned the room colours before packing has begun.


3. Bag and tape screws as you go

It will be so much easier to put your furniture back together if you bag and tape up the screws and other hardware to it after you’ve taken it apart, so you don’t have to go searching and unpack everything to get it reassembled.


4. Defrost your fridge and freezer

This is a job to be done the night before your move – it will stop any leaks and nasty smells – and if you wrap the fridge and freezer in plastic after, the doors won’t open while they’re on the move, to keep them extra protected.


5. Take photos to help you set up

Do you think it would be a quick job to set up your TV again? Make it even easier by taking a picture of the back of the set and any other device you may have so you know where the wires need to go when you set up again.


6. Keep your toilet roll tubes

Wires seem to have a knack of tangling when no one’s looking, and a great way to stop this in transit is to feed them through toilet roll, kitchen roll or wrapping paper tubes.


7. Leave your clothes on hangers

Group your coat hanger-ed clothes and wrap a bin bag around them, grouping all the hangers together.


8. Treat your pots like a Russian doll

How many pepper pots and garlic crushers can you fit in a large saucepan? It will save you lots of space if you pack items within others.


9. Protect spillages with plastic

Washing up liquid and shampoo may smell great when you need it but not so much when it’s spilled all over your belongings. Cling film can help to keep lids secure.


10. Don’t put the unpacking off

Many people will still have some boxes to unpack a few months – even years – after they’ve moved. While there’s no deadline, it will feel much better to know it’s all done, rather than having a cupboard you avoid.

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