As we all try to do our bit and try to be more conscious about our impact on the environment, why should moving day be any different? Here are some tips to make the day a bit greener. 

Borrow moving supplies

Do you know anyone who has moved recently? Chances are they may still have their cardboard boxes and packaging. If you can’t think of anyone in your social group, it’s worth going on local Facebook groups to find out if anyone near you has anything you could use – chances are they might just want to get it out of their own storage. And then, once you’ve moved, you can continue the cycle and pass your boxes on. Listing them on social media once you’ve finished using them will mean that you can free up your space straight away, too. 

Cut down on the plastic

There are lots of different ways to protect your breakables without needing to use bubble wrap or those polystyrene peanuts that will just end up in landfill. Your dishcloths, tea towels, towels and blankets can each wrap items individually and provide a buffer. 

To pack or not to pack…

There will be some things that you just don’t want to take with you but most of them will be of use to someone else. If you’d rather not list everything to sell on social media sites, American-style garage/yard sales are becoming more popular here and may be an opportunity to get rid of more things in one go, otherwise check with your local charity shops as to whether they are taking donations at the moment.  

The best made plans reduce waste

It’s really frustrating to have packed up your property and find that you need that thing that’s…somewhere. The best way to avoid needing to buy duplicate items of thing you have but can’t find right now is to pack the things that you are least likely to need any time soon first, and keep everything else out.

Save fuel, reduce trips

At the moment fuel is neither environmentally friendly or cheap, so there is an added incentive to reducing the number of times you need to go between your new and old property. Speaking to your landlord or soon-to-be neighbours on visits may help, as you may be able to leave some items with them on visits. 

Hire a moving company that shares your approach to the environment

Speak to the moving companies you are considering using and find out what their approach to the environment is and how they can help you to get all moved in with minimal impact to the environment. Do you know anyone else who has used them? It’s great to get a real review from people you trust, too. 

If you are planning a move soon and would like to talk through your requirements or any concerns, we’d love to help. Please get in touch

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