The short answer to this question is, whoever you feel comfortable with – but there are a number of factors that will play into that.

Long distance moves are tricky. They can be harder to plan because there are different things to consider, such as the length of time it will take, whether you will need storage and where your removals company is based.

Will it be possible to do the journey in one go, with stops , or in one day? If the latter is not possible, it may be worth putting your items into storage once you get closer to their destination, to break up the journey a little. Of course, this might not feel all that practical as you move things in and out of the removal van while not having reached your new property, but if the only other option is to move all your possessions at 9pm because it’s taken so long to get there, you may not be making the best first impression with your neighbours.

In this sense, it’s best to choose a moving company who are reliable and will ensure that you’re all packed up and ready to go at a decent hour so as to get you to your new property as soon as possible. It’s also really helpful for them to be flexible, so if any unforeseen circumstances do come up – like the motorway being at a standstill – they are able to not only allow for the extra time but they will make you feel comfortable that everything will go to plan, even with a bump in the road.

It’s even better if your removal company sits down with you so that you can plan the journey together, ensuring that you’re happy with any proposed rest breaks and essential stops to keep the move safe.

If possible, it makes sense to use a removals company which has branches in your current location and your soon-to-be new address, so that they can apply their local knowledge in both places and ensure that every local circumstance is thought of well in advance.

Bigger moves will obviously cost more. In this sense, the best removals company for you may be the one that quotes on distance rather than time, so that if there is any traffic or there are any problems with either leg of the journey, the meter isn’t running and you’re not totting up a higher charge with every hour.

It’s said that moving is one of the more stressful things that people do, but the distance shouldn’t increase the stress for you. When you start to approach removals companies, make sure that you have a clear idea in your mind of how you would like the day to go, and talk it through with them. Their job is not only to move you, but to take the stress out of your day.

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